Beginner friendly. Gender neutral. Superbly illustrated.

A b eginner's
gui de
to ana l

A non-judgemental introduction for those curious about anal sex.

It's free!


What is this guide?

This book is to gently guide you through the how's and why's of anal play.
Written with an all inclusive, tolerant, stereotype free approach, it's based
on the belief that anyone is free to explore the full spectrum of their sexual experience.

Consent. Communication. Cleanliness

The basic three c's

Before we start any sex play, we need to set up the board and establish the rules.
Let's learn about the equipment we're playing with and explain how to agree
on the do's and dont's of anal play.

Get the party started!

Romance the  butt

A butt is a sensitive and tender creature, and should be approached with the right tactics.
Learn how to seduce it in a variety of ways using fingers, tongue and toys.



Ever heard of anal orgasm? After reading this guide you will know a thing or two...
And – who knows! – if your butt is up for it, perhaps you will even experience one.

Pain and limitations

O uch!

Pain is one of the most common fears related to anal sex. But it only hurts when done
incorrectly. Learn how to avoid all the bum-pitfalls to ensure a smooth experience.

Finishing steps and

Afte r care

Just as it starts with a warm up, an anal play session needs a proper closing.
Learn how to make sure everyone's needs are attended to afterwards, even if things
don't go as planned!

Like  what you  s ee ?

It will cost you nothing and might gain a lot.
Worst case scenario: you'll just enjoy the pictures. Isn't it all that sex-books are about?

Cre dits

Illustrations MAI TRAN
Polish translation ALEKSANDRA JASZAK

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A beginner's guide to anal